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Vladyka Daniel shortly reflected on the last word of Christ on the cross: “FATHER INTO YOUR HANDS I COMMEND MY SPIRIT!” – These are the words with which Our Lord ended His suffering on the cross. His soul was returning to His Father. He lived with God and He died with God. His last words were a beautiful act of relinquishment, commending His life into the hands of God: “FATHER, INTO YOUR HANDS I COMMEND MY SPIRIT.” If we live with God, we shall be able to die with the beautiful peace of God. 

…Those who live only for this world, preoccupied with self and property, do not die a peaceful death. They keep looking behind at what they will be leaving. All their treasures are on earth. They have no riches to look forward to in heaven. But those who have lived as pilgrims and strangers on the face of the earth, homesick for heaven, die with anticipation of the best that is yet to be: “NOW FOR THE GREAT ADVENTURE! NOW WE ARE BOUND FOR HOME! EYE HAS NOT SEEN WHAT THINGS GOD HAS PREPARED FOR US! FATHER, INTO YOUR HANDS I COMMEND MY SPIRIT…” 

…”FATHER, INTO YOUR HANDS I COMMEND MY SPIRIT. “- These words of Our Lord are not original. He was quoting from Psalm 31 verse 6. It was a familiar prayer to every Jewish youngster. For it was probably the most used going-asleep prayer at the time of Jesus. Jesus added only one important word to it, the word “Father.” He had probably leaned it at His mother’s knee. Now He was praying if for the last time, and making it the evening prayer of life itself…”

Vladyka Daniel concluded, inviting everyone to enter into the mystery of the tomb of Christ, putting our hopes and prayers at His feet, so that we can come out on Pascha morning and proclaim to the world that the Lord has Risen!