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MERCER, PA — [Camp Nazareth]  On Sunday, March 19, at Camp Nazareth, following the Divine Liturgy which was the conclusion of the Young Adult Retreat at the Camp, a special presentation was made to Bishop Gregory by Kassi Tofani, a member of our diocesan parish of St. John’s in Hermitage.  Kassi attended the Liturgy together with her parents, Gino and MaryAnn Tofani.  She presented His Grace with a sketch she drew of the Camp Church which will be framed and placed in the Business Wing of the Camp.  The sketch is tremendously detailed and tremendously beautiful!  Kassi artistic talent had been “discovered” via Facebook by some Camp Staff and she was asked if she would produce a sketch of the Camp Church.  Kassi readily agreed and she was commissioned to do the work.

As part of the process she had to determine the best angle of the Church to work with, which meant multiple pictures and discussions to figure out which picture from which to sketch the drawing.  The Camp Church is beautiful from any angle, but Kassi took care to make sure it was a perspective of the Church she felt comfortable using and a perspective which would equally highlight the care it took in designing and constructing the Church.  It was touching to see the talent Kassi has put to use in this way. 

Once the decision was made, it took some time to produce the final “product”.  Good things do take time, as the saying goes, and believe us when we say it was worth the wait.  If you work at the Camp or are just visiting, be sure to stop by the Business Wing and see the beautiful sketch of the Church!

Kassi is a senior at Reynolds High School (which is right around the corner from Camp) and will be attending college in the Fall of 2017.