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Like many PKs—priests’ kids—Hellenic College freshman Andreas Bessinas has lived in a number of places: Shreveport, Louisiana, then Chicago, and most recently, Norfolk, Virginia. And he has been involved all of his young life in Church-related activities, including Project Mexico when he was only 15. But coming to Hellenic College was by no means a foregone conclusion for him—even though his parents, Fr. George and Presvytera Chrysanthe (Zografos), met and married as fellow HCHC students.

“I love history, but I’m also really interested in criminal justice and thought only a bigger school would let me do both,” he explains. Then he learned that Hellenic students can cross-register at several other institutions, including Newbury College, which offers courses in criminal justice. Also, encounters with HCHC Ambassadors, current students who visit parishes around the country, “really made a strong impression.”

During his senior year of high school, Andreas visited HCHC, where he already knew quite a few students from the parishes his father has served. “Here was a school where the total number of students was about the same as in just my class back home. I loved the feeling of community and the spirituality.”

Is Andreas glad he came? “Oh, absolutely. By the end of orientation the first week, we—the new students—knew each other as people, not just classmates. And the professors are amazing. I want to teach at the college level some day and the faculty here really reinforce that ambition.”

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