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While we are anticipating the celebration of the Great Feast of Theophany on January 6, and while the Great Fast this year does not begin until Monday, February 27, it’s not too early for Church school teachers to begin planning lessons that focus on the Great Lent, Holy Week and the Feast of Feasts—Holy Pascha.

The Orthodox Church in America’s Department of Christian Education offers an excellent, six-session study unit titled “Journey to Pascha” with a wealth of lessons and activities for four different age groups, from four years old to 18, and a fifth unit for adults.  The program includes numerous Bible stories, icons, activities and texts and explanations of services and prayers.  Each session focuses on a different theme, beginning with the account of the raising of Lazarus from the dead.  Subsequent sessions trace the days of Holy Week, what Jesus taught His disciples during this time, and what happened to Jesus as He was brought to trial, put to death and buried.  The final sessions celebrate the events that led to His Resurrection from the dead.  A palm cross activity for older students is also included.

“Journey to Pascha” lessons and related resources may be downloaded and printed for use free of charge.