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Reunion at Zaluchia Orphanage

Zaluchia Orphanage, a home of about 130 children with major mental and physical disabilities is located about two hours away from Ivano-Frankivsk region of Western Ukraine.

About 18 years ago, with the blessing of back then Archbishop Antony, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA entered into a charitable outreach project with the Children of Chornobyl Relief and Development Fund – a cooperation that resulted in major improvements of the living conditions of 130 children born in a post-Chornobyl environment.

Preparing for the upcoming 2016 Winter Mission Trip of 11 Missionaries of the UOC of the USA, His Grace Bishop Daniel traveled ahead of the group in order to visit Zaluchia orphanage (Snyatyn district, Ivano-Frankivsk region) and to study the progress and various missionary opportunities, which will require UOC of the USA’s donations and dedication towards the improvement of the way of live of 70 boys and about 60 ladies of the institution.