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During the first week of November 2016, Melanie Ringa, Treasurer of the Orthodox Church in America, released the financial report for the first three quarters of the year.  The complete report is available in PDF format.

Highlights of the report include the following.

  • The balance sheet as of September 30, 2016 indicates total assets of $2,922,976.00, total liabilities of $251,958.00, and net assets of $2,671,018.00 — a $123,758.00 increase year-to-date.
  • Actual results show a surplus of $123,758.00.  The Unrestricted [Operating] Fund showed a net surplus of $17,871.00 for the first three quarters of the year.
  • Total revenues were over budget by $11,347.00.
  • Year-to-date contributions to the “Stewards of the Orthodox Church in America” totaled $51,377.00 — $6,993.00 above the anticipated amount — while the $67,656.00 in Departmental expenses, compared to a budget of $77,063.00, also resulted in a positive variance of $9.407.00.
  • Income and unrealized investment gains totaled $130,022.00 with expenses of $6,363.00, for a net surplus of $123,662.00.