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St. Sophia’s Seminary Van Receives the Installation of the Official Logo

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The Board of Trustees, faculty and entire Seminary student body is grateful to the Ukrainian Orthodox League for the most generous donation of the minivan (during the 2016 Annual UOL Convention, it was decided the League would fund raise to cover the cost of the van purchase) and to Affordable Zorick’s Signs in Philadelphia, PA ( and Mr. Zinovij Belkin for the design and installation. The logo and installation was made possible through the generous donation from Mr. Vitaliy Hrytsay and VH Service Sign Company ( in Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Hrytsay is a parishioner of St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Philadelphia, PA.  

From now one, whenever seminarians travel to parishes of the Church or All Saints Camp, look for the logo of St. Sophia Seminary.

Nicholas Logothetis, Executive Board Member at the Libra Group and Co-Founder and Chairman of Concordia, to Visit HCHC

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Nicholas Logothetis, Executive Board Member at the Libra Group and Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Concordia, will visit with the student body of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology on Thursday, February 23 at 12:00 pm in the Maliotis Cultural Center. 

“We are extremely delighted to welcome Mr. Logothetis to our campus,” said Rev. Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos, President of HCHC. “We welcome his perspective on global affairs and world business, and his lifetime commitment of service and faith to the Orthodox Church.”

Mr. Logothetis is an entrepreneur who has a lifelong passion for politics and international affairs. He founded Concordia, along with business partner Matthew Swift, on the notion that facilitating cross-sector collaboration can more adequately address global challenges to create a more prosperous and sustainable future. This notion, along with his commitment to solving pressing international challenges through the lens of partnerships, developed Concordia into the preeminent global hub for partnerships in record time.

As Chairman of the Board at Concordia, he leads a distinguished Board comprised of top leaders from academia and the private sector. His leadership in driving forward Concordia’s mission to enable public-private partnerships has established Concordia as a reputable thought leader in the partnership building space.

Since Concordia’s founding in 2011, he has overseen the organization of five global summits and a myriad of practitioner level convening with prominent speakers from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

“The visit of Mr. Logothetis continues the commitment of HCHC to expose its administrators, faculty, and students to the most accomplished and influential international leaders of commerce and faith,” continued Rev. Fr. Metropulos. “We thank Mr. Logothetis in advance for scheduling time from his busy schedule to be with us.”

Mr. Logothetis is a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs London, the National Press Club Washington DC, and the Overseas Press Club. Prior to establishing Concordia and joining the Libra Group, he spent several years gaining invaluable experience in the media industry at the Fox News Channel, British Sky Broadcasting, Bryan Cave LLP, Husch Blackwell Sanders and News Corporation. 

HTOS Hosts Spring 2017 OISM meeting

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On Friday, February 3rd through Sunday, February 5th the Orthodox Inter-Seminary Movement (OISM) held a gathering at Holy Trinity Seminary. OISM is a movement founded to promote greater fellowship between Orthodox seminaries in America, and to give seminarians the opportunity to experience life at their sister schools. Seminarians representing multiple Orthodox jurisdictions travelled to Jordanville from St. Tikhon’s Seminary in South Canaan, PA and St. Vladimir’s Seminary in Crestwood, NY to join in the event. Throughout the weekend all of the participants took part in the full liturgical cycle of the monastery, thus providing a prayerful context for fellowship. On Saturday morning, after a tour of the Monastery and St. Elizabeth’s Skete, a talk was given by Igumen Seraphim Bell, cleric of Holy Trinity Monastery.  He spoke at length of his recent missionary efforts in Nepal, giving many insights into the spiritual and cultural life of the Nepali people. As the first and only Orthodox missionary to Nepal, he said that the time is ripe for Orthodoxy there, and issued a challenge for another missionary to continue the work he began. After lunch another talk was given by Protopresyter Peter Heers about the differences between Orthodox and heterodox approaches to missionary activity. He used the life of Fr. Cosmas of Gregoriou to show the ascetic aspect of mission work which is essential in the Orthodox context. Following the talks an OISM business meeting was held in which the future of OISM was discussed. Christian Watts of Holy Trinity was elected president of OISM, Joseph Clark of St. Tikhon’s appointed secretary, and George Luimes of Holy Trinity appointed treasurer. Later in the evening the seminarians enjoyed an informal pizza dinner followed by a lengthy vigil in honor of the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee and the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. On Sunday morning after receiving the Mysteries at the Liturgy and one final visit to the bookstore, the guests returned to their respective seminaries.

Rev. Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos to Lead 14th Annual National Archon Lenten Retreat

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With the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America, the 14th Annual National Archon Lenten Retreat will be held on March 31 and April 1, 2017 at the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Christian Church in Southampton, New York.

Rev. Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos, President of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, is the Retreat Master. His topic will be “Three Things Needed: Prayer, Virtue, and Humility.”  

“I am both humbled and honored to speak at this year’s National Archon Lenten Retreat,” said Rev. Fr. Metropulos. “I pray that Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ will bless our gathering, and continue to inspire our National Archons, who are invaluable to the leadership and service of the Church.”

Rev. Frs. Alexander Karloutsos and Constantine Lazarakis are the Retreat Pastors.

The event is led by Chairman Archon Hieromnimon Peter J. Skeadas and Co-Chairman Archon Ostiarios Michael G. Psaros.

“My sincerest gratitude to the National Archons for all that they do for our church and society, and for their continued care and generosity toward Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology,” said Rev. Fr. Metropulos.

Holy Cross Faculty to Speak at March Book Festival

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Two members of the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology faculty, Rev. Dr. Eugen Pentiuc, Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, and Dr. Bruce Beck, Assistant Professor of New Testament, will be featured speakers next month at the annual Celebration of Books hosted by Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Westchester, Illinois. The week-long event, which showcases thousands of books on Orthodoxy, is sponsored by the Metropolis of Chicago Religious Education Department and was founded by Barbara Pappas, grandmother of Holy Cross seminarian Justin Glavanovits.

For more information about the event and the talks by Rev. Dr. Pentiuc and Dr. Beck, please download the flyer.

Get to Know Our New Students: Andreas Bessinas

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Like many PKs—priests’ kids—Hellenic College freshman Andreas Bessinas has lived in a number of places: Shreveport, Louisiana, then Chicago, and most recently, Norfolk, Virginia. And he has been involved all of his young life in Church-related activities, including Project Mexico when he was only 15. But coming to Hellenic College was by no means a foregone conclusion for him—even though his parents, Fr. George and Presvytera Chrysanthe (Zografos), met and married as fellow HCHC students.

“I love history, but I’m also really interested in criminal justice and thought only a bigger school would let me do both,” he explains. Then he learned that Hellenic students can cross-register at several other institutions, including Newbury College, which offers courses in criminal justice. Also, encounters with HCHC Ambassadors, current students who visit parishes around the country, “really made a strong impression.”

During his senior year of high school, Andreas visited HCHC, where he already knew quite a few students from the parishes his father has served. “Here was a school where the total number of students was about the same as in just my class back home. I loved the feeling of community and the spirituality.”

Is Andreas glad he came? “Oh, absolutely. By the end of orientation the first week, we—the new students—knew each other as people, not just classmates. And the professors are amazing. I want to teach at the college level some day and the faculty here really reinforce that ambition.”

Learn more about Hellenic College and its academic programs here.

Holy Cross Announces Summer Diaconate Program

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Holy Cross will once again host the annual summer session of the Diaconate Program from July 29-August 6, 2017. The program, a joint initiative of the Holy Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Holy Cross, is designed to prepare men for service to the Church as deacons.

For more information, please contact Fr. Gregory Floor at 617-850-1285 or

Apply online here, or download the program flyer.

Holy Cross Announces Summer Diaconate Program

This post was originally published on this site

Holy Cross will once again host the annual summer session of the Diaconate Program from July 29-August 6, 2017. The program, a joint initiative of the Holy Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Holy Cross, is designed to prepare men for service to the Church as deacons.

For more information, please contact Fr. Gregory Floor at 617-850-1285 or

Apply online here, or download the program flyer.

An Inspiring Week: Two Holy Trinity Seminary Professors in Russia

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In January 2017, two Holy Trinity Seminary Professors, Deacon Andrei Psarev and Dr. Elena Nelson, were in Moscow, giving presentations and engaging in professional development.

On January 23 and 24 of this year, Deacon Andrei Psarev, Assistant Professor of Russian Church History and Canon Law at Holy Trinity Seminary, took part in the work of a plenum of the Inter-Council Presence (ICP) that met in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow to discuss documents on monasticism and marriage.  ICP is a conciliar organ of the Russian Orthodox Church that was founded in 2009 in order to draft position documents about all aspects of Church traditions and praxis. No other Orthodox Churches have similar think tanks. A document on the participation of the faithful in the sacrament of the Eucharist is a vivid example of the quality of work produced by ICP. The Inter-Council Presence meets bi-annually in plenary session to finalize documents drafted by various ICP committees.

On January 24, at the annual conference of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University for the Humanities (PSTGU) in Moscow, Deacon Andrei explained ROCOR criteria for canonization of saints, as applied from 1964 to 2007.  Dmitry Anashkin, a long-time colleague at Holy Trinity Seminary who is now a research fellow in PSTGU, also presented at the conference, elucidating liturgical peculiarities of the ROCOR. It was also special to present at this event because the conference took place in the same building (the former conference building of Moscow diocese) where All-Russia council met for its session in 1917-18.

Deacon Andrei presented the same paper “The Order of Glorifying Saints in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (1920-2007)“ on January 26 at International Educational Christmas Readings (Rozhdestvenskiia Chtenia), an event that entails a variety of micro-conferences and is hosted annually at Christ the Savior Cathedral.  For Deacon Andrei, it was astonishing to learn at this conference that there are active grassroots organizations in Yekaterinburg, Penza, and elsewhere, gathering evidence regarding the victims of repression during the Soviet period. Just as in Yekaterinburg, “an atheist capital of Russia”, the movement Inextinguishable Lamp has drawn support from all strata of the community.

Dr. Elena Nelson, Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages at Holy Trinity Seminary, also presented a paper, “The Tradition of Church Slavonic Pedagogy in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia,” at the International Educational Christmas Readings forum, as part of a conference called “The Rise and Fall of the Church Slavonic Tradition in the History of Russian Literacy.”  Dr. Nelson is one of the very few, formally trained experts in the field in the US.  She researched past seminary instructors, and interviewed those who worked with them, in order to present a narrative description of the materials, methods, and challenges involved in teaching Church Slavonic in the unique circumstances of our diaspora church, in a country where Russian is not the primary language of communication or education.  Dr. Nelson notes that Archbishop Alypy (Gamanovich), who taught Church Slavonic in Holy Trinity Seminary in the 1960s-1970s, is universally respected among Church Slavonic scholars and teachers in Russia.  His Grammar of the Church Slavonic Language is treated as the gold standard for Church Slavonic, and dozens of books published in Russia since the fall of the USSR have been based on material in his book.  While in Russia, Dr. Nelson also researched topics in Russian and Church Slavonic, gave invited talks in various churches in St. Petersburg, and participated in a Church Slavonic workshop at Alexander Nevsky Lavra.  Dr. Nelson is grateful to the Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia for financial support for the conference participation.

On January 27, Deacon Andrei was invited for an interview on Radio Vera (100.9 FM) in Moscow, which broadcasts 24 hours a day with the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church. During the hour-long wide-ranging conversation Deacon Andrei spoke about various stereotypes of America, the tenth anniversary of reconciliation within the Russian Church, about Holy Trinity Seminary and his work with the Inter-Council Presence.

On Saturday and Sunday, January 28 and 29, Deacon Andrei co-celebrated with Archpriest Nikolai Balashov in the church named for the Re-sanctification of the Resurrection Church in Jerusalem in Brusov Lane. On Sunday Deacon Andrei gave a talk in which he addressed the question, “What is Church law?” Fr. Nikolai Balashov, rector of the parish and Substitute to Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, the Chair of the Department of External Relations of Moscow Patriarchate, enriched the discussion drawing on his own multi-year research and vast experience of that subject.

This blessed week in Moscow supports the conviction of Fr. Archimandrite Luke, Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary, expressed in his recent interview, that it is vital so that we maintain bonds with Russia, since there “[v]ery sincere people are living an Orthodox lifestyle, living a monastic lifestyle, trying to … I think it’s good to have, as much as we can, contact with these people, and we can learn from them.”

Dn. Stephen Muse to Visit St. Tikhon's Monastery

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Deacon Stephen Muse will give a talk on “Understanding Salvation in the Modern World”, on Friday, February 17th at 7:00 p.m. in the monastery trapeza (dining hall).  It is open to the public, and all are welcome.    He will be holding a retreat with the Monastery Brotherhood on Saturday, February 18th.  

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